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Brochure Duragrain Surface FinishBrochure Duragrain Surface Finish

Surface Finish Duragrain

For the Duragrain surface finish with its detailed, natural and colourfast door surface, you can choose from 24 decors, e.g. with a concrete (see Fig.), rusty steel or natural stone look. The innovative digital printing process in combination with the final coating of high-strength protective paint ensures a permanently beautiful and scratch-resistant door view.

Duragrain Surface Finish Hormann SectionalDuragrain Surface Finish Hormann Sectional

Colours for Steel Sectional Doors

Double-skinned LPU sectional doors and side doors are additionally available as standard in Traffic white (RAL 9016) as well as in 15 inexpensive preferred colours, and in approx. 200 colours from the RAL colour chart as well as in many NCS and DB colours. You can choose from 3 preferred colours** for the surface finish Sandgrain. Single-skinned LTE 42 doors are available in Traffic white RAL 9016 as standard.

Colours - RAL 9016 WhiteColours - RAL 9016 White

15 Preferred Colours

All RAL Coluours Sectional Hormann Doors

Please Note:

Sectional garage doors are generally supplied in Grey white (RAL 9002) on the inside of the door. Dark colours should not be used for double-skinned steel doors that are exposed to the sun, as possible section deflection may damage the door. All colours are based on RAL. The colours and surfaces shown are subject to the limitations of the printing process and cannot be regarded as binding. Please seek the expert advice of your Hörmann specialist dealer.

* RAL Classic colours, with the exception of pearl-effect, fluorescent and metallic colours
** Preferred colours for Sandgrain surface finish