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Roller Doors | Roll-A-Door & RollOver

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Garage Doors Direct Ltd. has done all the hard work ensuring your roller door will look great and operate reliably.  All you have to do is choose from our Roll-A-Door best value door or our premium RollOver range and, of course, pick the colour.

The Roll-A-Door

The Roll-A-Door will enhance the appearance of your home without breaking the bank!  Each door is tailor made and comes with a range of features that deliver affordable quality, strength and durability.

  • Pressed galvanised steel brackets
  • 25mm galvanised steel guides
  • Guide blocks with single wheel
  • Safety assured with steel door stops
  • Full width reinforced aluminium bottom rail




Upgrade to our RollOver range

RollOver is our premium roller door range which incorporates all the benefits of the Roll-A-Door with some added design features to improve the overall performance of your door:

  • Galvanised steel brackets, laser cut for a high quality finish and folded to give remarkable strength.
  • The 40mm extruded aluminium guides on the RollOver incorporate a wind-lock design to provide extra wind resistance and increased security. The lipped edge wraps around the door, holding the Nylofelt™ securely within the guide. 
  • The extrusion is more resistant to the build up of dirt and corrosion by the elements than traditional steel guides.  
  • The highly polished surface adds a high quality touch, assists the door’s smooth operation and provides an incredibly sturdy channel for the door curtain to travel in.
  • The full width reinforced aluminium bottom rail on the RollOver has a strengthening lip. The rail houses the soft, pliable bottom weatherseal.
  • Guide blocks with double wheels eliminate shuddering and assist the door to move freely within the guides.



The Mini-Roller for garages with restricted headroom

The recommended headroom for our roller doors is 360mm. For garages with restricted headroom, our mini-roller may be the answer. With all the same great features as our standard sized roller doors, our mini-roller can fit in as little as 230mm headroom (you’ll need 300mm headroom if you require full drive-through opening height). 

The mini-roller option is available at no extra cost in both Roll-A-Door and RollOver ranges up to 3048mm wide x 2134mm high.  Mini-rollers are not suitable for remote control automation. Detailed clearance requirements may be found on page 6 of our brochure.  If in doubt, contact us and we’ll be pleased to advise you.