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Roller Doors | Features & Benefits

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Low maintenance

  • Low maintenance, hardwearing Plastisol or laminate finish in a choice of colours. The protective finish means you never have to paint your garage door again.
  • No cables, external springs, or ceiling tracks.
  • No greasing or oiling is required; simply wipe the guides clean for easy roller action.

Ideal for all garages

  • No out-swing so you can park your car right up to the door.
  • No ceiling tracks so you can make full use of the storage space.
  • Fitted behind the opening to give you maximum opening width… can make all the difference if your garage is narrow.
  • Full opening height if you have sufficient headroom – ideal for 4x4s or higher vehicles.
  • Suitable for most sizes and shapes of garage openings including archways.

Designed with safety in mind

The garage door is the largest moving item in your home and door failure can cause serious injury. Safety should be a key consideration when selecting your door. The Roll-A-Door and RollOver ranges incorporate the most advanced safety features available:

  • Fully CE marked and compliant with the EN 13241-1 safety standard.
  • Springs designed and tested to exceed 25,000 spring lifecycle.
  • Strong, durable ‘wind-lock’ aluminium guides with safer rounded edges (RollOver range only).
  • Locking bar end covers reduce the risk of finger trapping as the door is closed. Supplied as standard for your protection.

Smooth, easy and reliable operation

Your roller door will continue to be easy to open and close with special design features which include:

  • Castellated steel drum wheels are specially formed to support the shaped curtain of the door, giving the door added strength and reducing the headroom required.
  • The top of the door is curved using a bespoke machine to reduce stress on the door curtain where it is fixed to the drum wheel. A steel separator protects this curve and helps eliminate scuffing and rubbing as the door opens and closes.
  • Combination of drum and multiple precision spring system to ensure perfect balance every time.
  • Nylofelt™ nylon braided running strips for smooth, quiet, greaseless operation.
  • Wheels at each side of door eliminate shuddering, reduce sticking and provide smoother, more reliable operation. The wheel assembly houses the Nylofelt™ so that it is not wrapped around the bottom of the door. This feature is very important as it stops the Nylofelt™ being damaged through contact with the ground.



Manual doors feature a stylishly designed centre lift lock, which not only looks good but allows you to secure the door from inside or outside the garage. A highly pick-resistant 6 wafer lock barrel mechanism and double bar locking action come as standard.